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TV and Radio shows in the 40s and 50s

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Don Winslow of the Navy, Fly paper, hair cuts, comic books, laundry, Abbot and Costello, Burma Shave, Bikes, Bugs Bunny, music records, Hoodsie Cup, seat belts, Howdy Doody, hair cuts,Rebel without a Cause, AM radios, Dance Party, 3D movies, Mickey Mantle, I love Lucy, I Like Ike, Ugly gym shorts, Milke delivered to your house, roller skates, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, BB guns, Rock and Roll, Frisbee, silly putty, Space Patrol, poodle skirts, Just 2 channels on TV, Sky King, Jack Benny, hula hoop, drive in movies, Elvis Presley, Dragnet, pets, coke-shaped bottles, sock hops, Superman, trading stamps, card games, Yankee Stadium, Lone Ranger, supermarkets, cheap gas, $1 hamburgers, phone numbers, Buster Brown, Hopalong Cassidy, Peanuts and Charlie Brown, Amos n Andy, Froggy, Mouseketeers, Life of Riley, pick up sticks, Sad Sack, Painting by Numbers, BBarb B riders, spankings, Slinky, Disneyland, Davy Crockett, Snow White, Living Desert, Frontierland, Tomorrowland, Fantasy Land, house locks, stickball, Ed Sullivan Show, Slingshots, photo booths

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