Charactors/actors: Gisele MacKenzie, Snooky Lanson, Ralph Edwards, Bob Barker, Groucho Marks, Duncan Renaldo, Leo Carrillo, Hattie McDaniel, Louise Beavers, Bud Collyer"; $duration[]='11'; $start[]=3;$duration[]='15'; $song[]="Kqyk1euTX94"; $title[]="Oldies TV Shows from 1951"; $trivia[]="1951 TV Show Intros for:(1) Superman.(2)Range Rider. (3)Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour. (4)Wild Bill Hickock. (5)Red Skelton Show. (6) Sky King

Charactors/actors: Superman, George Reeves, Phyllis Coates, Range Rider, Jock Mahoney, Wild Bill Hickock, Guy Madison, Andy Devine, Red Skelton Show, Sky King, Kirby Grant"; $start[]=3;$song[]="0LyYRmP55do"; $title[]="Oldies TV Shows from 1952"; $trivia[]="1952 TV Show Intros for:(1) Death Valley Days. (2) Colgate Comedy Hour, Abbott & Costello. (3) Honeymooners.(4) Hopalong Cassidy. (5) Art Linkletter's House Party. (6) I Married Joan"; $start[]=3;$song[]="GdAheidx88w"; $title[]="Oldies TV Shows from 1953"; $trivia[]="(1) Loretta Young Show. (2) Danny Thomas Show . (Make Room For Daddy). (3) Topper. (4) G. E. College Bowl

Charactors/actors:Loretta Young,Danny Thomas,Make Room for Daddy,Marjorie Lord,Rusty Hamer,Angela Cartwright,Topper,Leo G. Carroll,Anne Jeffreys,Robert ,Sterling,Lee Patrick,Neil,G.E. Collage Bowl,Robert Earle,Allen Ludden"; $start[]=3;$song[]="6-mICt_QoMk"; $title[]="Oldies TV Shows from 1954"; $trivia[]="(1)Annie Oakley. (2)Captain Midnight. (3)Medic. (4)Its A Great Life. (5)Flash Gordon. (6)People Are Funny

Charactors/actors:Annie Oakley, Gail Davis, Captain Midnight, Richard Webb, Medic, Richard Boone, Its a Great Life, Michael O'Shea, William Bishop, James Dunn, Frances avier, Flash Gordon, Steve Holland, People Are Funny, Art Linkletter"; $start[]=3;$song[]="8BEX4HnpVzQ"; $title[]="Oldies TV Shows from 1955"; $trivia[]="(1)Wyatt Earp, (2)Highway Patrol, (3)My Friend Flicka, (4)Science Fiction Theater, (5)Tennessee Ernie Ford, (6)Robin Hood, (7)Mighty Mouse Playhouse

Charactors/actors:Hugh O'Brian, Broderick Crawford, Anita Louise, Johnny Washbrook, Gene Evans, Truman Bradley, Richard Greene"; $start[]=3;$song[]="mta4U2YJM9U"; $title[]="Oldies TV Shows from 1956"; $trivia[]="(1)Broken Arrow, (2)Queen for a Day, (3)Zane Grey Theater, (4)To Tell the Truth, (5)As The World Turns, (6)Circus Boy

Charactors/actors:, Michael Ansara, John Lupton, Queen for a Day, Jack Bailey, Zane Grey Theater, Dick Powell, To Tell The Truth, Bud Collyer, As the World Turns, Circus Boy, Micky Dolenz"; $start[]=3;$song[]="hW0hg9q1ECM"; $title[]="Oldies TV Shows from 1957"; $trivia[]="(1)Zorro. (2)Colt .45. (3)Blondie. (4)Restless Gun. (5)Dinah Shore Chevy Show. (6)Woody Woodpecker. (7)How to Marry a Millionaire

Charactors/actors:, Mr. Adams and Eve, Woody Woodpecker, Guy Williams, Wayde Preston, Pamela Britton, Arthur Lake, John Payne, Vic Morrow, Andrew Duggan, Mel Blanc, Dinah Shore, Barbara Eden, Lisa Gaye, Lori Nelson, Merry Anders"; $start[]=3;$song[]="GQZjJTaqjjQ"; $title[]="Oldies TV Shows from 1958"; $trivia[]="(1)77 Sunset strip. (2)Huckleberry Hound Show. (3)Ann Southern Show. (4)Garry Moore Show. (5)Lawman. (6)Concentration. (7)Yancy Derringer

Charactors/actors:, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., Roger Smith, Edd Byrnes, Kookie, credits, Huckleberry Hound Show, Ann Southern Show, Don Porter, Garry Moore Show, Carol Burnett, Lawman, John Russell, Peter Brown, Concentration, Hugh Downs, Ed McMahon, Bob Clayton, Jack Narz, Yancy Derringer, Jock Mahoney, X Brands, Julie Adams"; $start[]=3;$song[]="0kzdvjzoBY8"; $title[]="Oldies TV Shows from 1959"; $trivia[]="(1)Bourbon Street Beat. (2)The Deputy. (3)Black Saddle. (4)Fibber McGee and Molly. (5)Johnny Staccato. (6)The D.A.s Man. (7)Lock-Up

Charactors/actors: John Compton, Henry Fonda, Jim Jordan, Fibber McGee, Molly McGee, Marian Jordan, John Cassavetes, Peter Breck, Clay Culhane, The Westerners, MacDonald Carey, John Doucette, Andrew Duggan, Richard Long, Van Williams, Russell Johnson, Marshal Gib Scott"; $start[]=""; $song[]="tzhTW4dZm4I"; $title[]="Oldies TV Shows from 1960"; $trivia[]="(1)Route 66. (2)My Three Sons. (3)Dangerman. (4)Checkmate. (5)The Bugs Bunny Show. (6)The Andy Griffith Show. (7)The Flintstones. (8)Mr. Magoo. (9)Angel . 1960). (10) Thriller
Charactors/actors:. Martin Milner. Tod Stiles. George Maharis. Buz Murdock. My Three Sons. Fred MacMurray. Steve Douglas. William Demarest. Danger Man. Patrick McGoohan. John Drake. Checkmate. Sebastian Cabot. Doub McClure. Anthony George. Bugs Bunny Show. Andy Griffith Show. Mr. Magoo. Angel 1960. Annie Farge. Marshall Thompson. Thriller. Boris Karloff"; $start[]="3"; $song[]="yNr2xmyoNYY"; $title[]="Oldies TV Shows from 1961"; $trivia[]="(1)Ben Casey, (2)The Defenders, (3)87th Precinct, (4)The Dick Van Dyke Show, (5)Walt Disneys Wonderful World Of Color, (6)The New Breed, (7)Mr. Ed, (8)Hazel
Charactors/actors:, Ben Casey, Vince Edwards, Sam Jaffe, The Defenders, E.G. Marshall, Robert Reed, 87th Precinct, Robert Lansing, Ron Harper, Norman Fell, Gena Rowlands, Gregory Walcott, Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Tyler Moore, Morey Amsterdam, Rose Marie, New Breed, Leslie Nielsen, Mister Ed, Alan Young, Wilbur Post, Hazel, Shirley Booth, Don DeFore"; $start[]=3; $song[]="BdJJmFDdS4o"; $title[]="Oldies TV Shows from 1962"; $trivia[]="
Charactors/actors:, Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Max Baer Jr., Andy Williams Show, COMBAT!, Rick Jason, Vic Morrow, Jetsons, Lucy Lucille Ball, Gale Gordon, Vivian Vance, McHale's Navy, Ernest Borgnine, Tim Conway, Gavin MacLeod, Saint, Roger Moore, Simon Templar, Tonight Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Virginian, James Drury, Doug McClure, Lee J. Cobb, Clu Gulager, John McIntire"; $start[]="3"; $song[]="XEq6oARRiSU"; $title[]="Oldies TV Shows from 1963"; $trivia[]="(1)Mighty Hercules. (2)Tennessee Tuxedo. (3)The Farmers Daughter. (4)Bill Dana. (5)Petticoat Junction. (6)The Patty Duke Show. (7)General Hospital. (8)The Price Is Right
Charactors/actors:, The Mighty Hercules, Tennessee Tuxedo, Farmers Daughter, Bill Dana, Petticoat Junction, Patty Duke Show, General Hospital, Price is Right, Inger Stevens, William Windom, Jose Jimenez, Edgar Buchanan, Bea Benaderet, Jeannine Riley, Schallert, Jean Byron, Bob Barker, Bill Cullen"; $start[]="3"; $song[]="8oWaNAHOSWk"; $title[]="Oldies TV Shows from 1964"; $trivia[]="(1)Doctor Kildare. (2)Peyton Place. (3)Man From U.N.C.L.E.. (4)Rogues. (5)Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. (6)12 OClock High. (7)Mr. Broadway. (8)Daniel Boone
Charactors/actors:, Doctor Kildare, Dr. Peyton Place, Man From Uncle, from u.n.c.l.e., The Rogues, 12 OClock High, Mr. Broadway, Mister Daniel Boone"; $start[]="3"; $song[]="UGHuGVE8dpw"; $title[]="Oldies TV Shows from 1965"; $trivia[]="(1)Tom and Jerry. (2)The Dating Game. (3)The Smothers Brothers. (4)My Mother The Car. (5)Atom Ant. (6)Laredo. (7)The Dean Martin Show. (8)Days of Our Lives
Charactors/actors:, Dick Smothers, Tommy Smothers, My Mother the Car, Jerry Van Dyke, Dave Crabtree, Ann Sothern, Gladys Crabtree, Barbara Crabtree, Maggie Pierce, Atom Ant, Laredo, Neville Brand, Reese Bennett, Peter Brown, Chad Cooper"; $start[]="3"; $song[]="eWAElARPuqY"; $title[]="Oldies Movie Shows from 1950's and 1960's - Part 3"; $trivia[]="Beat the Clock, Leave it to Beaver, Your Hit Parade, OK Mother, Sense and Nonsense, Momma starring Peggy Wood, Search for Tomorrow, Martin Kane Private Eye, The Betty White Show, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Route 66, Surfside Six, Flintstones, Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke, Dr. Kildare, Avengers, Jetsons, Combat, Beverly Hillbillies "; $start[]="0"; $song[]="OkaQ0P45__I"; $title[]="Oldies Movie Shows from 1950's and 1960's - Part 4"; $trivia[]="The Beverly Hillbillies, The Flintstones, The Adams Family, Secret Agent Man, Lone Ranger, The Andy Griffith Show, Yogi the Bear, I dream of Jeanne, Lucy, Petticoat Junction, Get Smart, Howdy Doody, Hawaii Five-O, Bonanza, The Wild Wild West, Star Trek"; //$start[]="0"; $song[]=""; $title[]=""; //$trivia[]=""; //not being used: echo ""; $maxsongs=sizeof($song); if (!$index) $index=0; if ($index>$maxsongs-1) {$index=0; $nextindex=1;} $current=$index+1; $back=$index-1; if ($back<0) $back=0; $nextindex = $index+1; if ($nextindex>$maxsongs-1) {$nextindex=0;} $metatrivia=strip_tags($trivia[$index]); $META_TITLE="$title[$index]"; $META_KEYWORDS="Oldies, movies, tv shows, oldies slideshow"; $META_DESCRIPTION="Movies and slideshow of TV shows, movies, from the 40's to the 80's. $metatrivia"; $main_title="

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