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To play any one song immediately, just click on a song track title"; //************* $lastartist=''; $counter=0; if (strlen($letter)<3) {$searchterm="$letter%";} else {$searchterm="%$letter%";} // if search term (letter) is more than a character, assume letter contains a singer name $sql = "SELECT * FROM $tablename where title not like '%Salestron%' AND title LIKE '$searchterm' ORDER BY title ASC LIMIT 2000"; $result=mysql_query($sql); while($info=mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $alreadyselected=""; $tsz=0; if ($playlist && in_array($info[id], $playlist ) ) {$alreadyselected= "(in playlist)"; $tsz=strlen("(in playlist)");} // Separate singer name from song title string $artist_name=get_artist($info[title]); $song_title_name=get_title($info[title]); $tempsinger=strtoupper ($artist_name); // get duration $duration=$info[duration]-$info[start]; $duration=convert_seconds($duration); $duration="[$duration]"; $showtrivia=clean_data($info[trivia]); // show trivia after title but keep title and trivia on one line. And to not split a word, search for a space character before extracting trivia $peektrivia=$showtrivia; if (strlen($info[title]) <70) { $tlen=88-$tsz-strlen($info[title]); $peektrivia=substr($peektrivia,0,$tlen); $i=$tlen; $found=0; while ( $i>1 && !$found) {$i=$i-1; if ($peektrivia[$i]==" ") $found=1;} $tlen=$i+1; $peektrivia=substr($peektrivia,0, $tlen ); } else {$tlen=0; $peektrivia='';} build_meta($info); if ($tempsinger!=$lastartist) { { echo "$info[title] $duration $alreadyselected - $peektrivia"; $lastartist=$tempsinger; $counter++; } } else { echo "$info[title] $duration $alreadyselected - $peektrivia"; } } if ($counter==0) echo "
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