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Song Player - Watch Listen Nastalgia Videos Downloads - 1950 Lyrics

I'd rather be a sparrow than a snail
Yes I would, if I could, I surely would
I'd rather be a hammer than a nail
Yes I would, if I only could, I surely would

Away, I'd rather sail away
Like a swan that's here and gone

A man gets tied up to the ground
He gives the world its saddest sound
It's saddest sound

I'd rather be a forest than a street
Yes I would, if I could, I surely would
I'd rather feel the earth beneath my feet
Yes I would, if I only could, I surely would

Song Player - Watch Listen Nastalgia Videos Downloads - 1950

Song Player - Watch Listen Nastalgia Videos Downloads - 1950

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Some trivia about Song Player - Watch Listen Nastalgia Videos Downloads - 1950
(Playing "El Condor Pasa")

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History and Evolution of Music Videos

A music video is a short film or video that accompanies a complete piece of music/song. Modern music videos are primarily made and used as a marketing device intended to promote the sale of music recordings. Although the origins of music videos go back much further, they came into their own in the 1980s, when MTV based their format around the medium, and later with the launch of VH1. The term "music video" first came into popular usage in the early 1980s. Prior to that time, these works were described by various terms including "filmed insert", "promotional (promo) film", "promotional (promo) clip" or "film clip". In Chinese entertainment, music videos are simply known as MTVs because the network was responsible for bringing music videos to its popularity.

Music videos use a wide range of styles of film making techniques, including animation, live action filming, documentaries, and non-narrative approaches such as abstract film. Some music videos blend different styles, such as animation and live action.

One of the earliest performance clips in 1960s pop was the promo film made by The Animals for their breakthrough 1964 hit "House Of The Rising Sun". This high-quality color clip was filmed in a studio on a specially-built set; it features the group in a lip-synched performance, depicted through an edited sequence of tracking shots, closeups and longshots, as singer Eric Burdon, guitarist Hilton Valentine and bassist Chas Chandler walked around the set in a series of choreographed moves.

Many "song films"—often referred to as "filmed inserts" at that time—were produced by UK artists so they could be screened on TV when the bands were not available to appear live. Pink Floyd were pioneers in producing promotional films for their songs including "Scarecrow", "Arnold Layne" and "Interstellar Overdrive", the latter directed by Peter Whitehead, who also made several pioneering clips for The Rolling Stones between 1966 and 1968.

In the UK The Kinks made one of the first real "plot" promo clips for a song. For their single "Dead End Street" (1966) a miniature comic movie was made, where members of Kinks acted like undertakers in old London streets. The clip also shows photo stills from Great Depression, uprising dead man and Ray Davies playing an old woman. Unusually for the time, there was no lip-sync, but the clip was edited according to the phases of song. The BBC reportedly refused to air the clip because it was considered to be in "poor taste".

The Who featured in several promotional clips in this period, beginning with their 1965 clip for "I Can't Explain". Their plot clip for "Happy Jack" in shows the band is acting like a gang of idiotic thieves robbing an apartment. They can't resist eating a cake and this leads to a cream-pie battle with a cop. There is no lip-sync in this clip either.

The Moody Blues made a promo video for their 1967 single "Nights in White Satin". It shows the band lip-syncing along the track in a mysterious environment in Paris.

Procol Harum made two promos for their 1967 hit "A Whiter Shade of Pale". One version shows band members walking among ruins, footage of them performing the song onstage and documentary footage of the Vietnam war. The second version, filmed in colour, shows the band running towards camera (a device pioneered in A Hard Day's Night), followed by close-up of Gary Brooker lip-syncing the song and several surrealistic sequences of the band in a churchyard. Other frames show band in crowded London streets, and Brooker standing in Piccadilly Circus.

The Doors had a background in film-making and both lead singer Jim Morrison and keyboard player Ray Manzarek were studying film at UCLA when they met. The clip for their debut single "Break On Through (To the Other Side)" is a filmed performance that uses atmospheric lighting, camera work and editing. It was directed by Elektra Records producer Mark Abramson. Their 1968 anti-war single "The Unknown Soldier", combines specially filmed footage of the group—including depicts a mock execution by firing squad with extensive intercutting of stock footage, including graphic footage of the carnage of the Vietnam War. It was also directed by Mark Abramson based on input from Morrison and the Doors.

The Rolling Stones appeared in many promotional clips for their songs in the 1960s. One of the earliest, dating from 1964, showed the band on a beach, miming to their single "Not Fade Away", but this has apparently since been lost. In 1966, Peter Whitehead directed two promo clips for their single "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?". The so-called "drag" version contains a mixture of footage including snippets of concert footage, street scenes in New York, shots of Jagger walking along a street while being filmed from a car, and shots of the band preparing for and being photographed for the famous "drag" cover photo used on the picture sleeve of the single. The longer opens with a minute-long introduction in which Jagger and Richards clown around on a piano (including a short scene of Jagger wordlessly singing The Beatles "I Feel Fine"). This leads into the song, which begins with speeded-up shots of the group backstage, followed by footage of a riotous Sept. 1966 performance at the Royal Albert Hall, inc which girls repeatedly storm the stage and are thrown back into the audience by security.

In 1981, the U.S. video channel MTV launched, airing "Video Killed the Radio Star" and beginning an era of 24-hour-a-day music on television. With this new outlet for material, the music video would, by the mid-1980s, grow to play a central role in popular music marketing. Many important acts of this period, most notably Adam and the Ants, Madonna and Mylène Farmer, owed a great deal of their success to the skillful construction and seductive appeal of their videos. Some academics have compared music video to silent film, and it is suggested that stars like Madonna have (often quite deliberately) constructed an image that in many ways echoes the image of the great stars of the silent era such as Greta Garbo.

Unofficial, fan-made music videos ("bootleg" tapes) are typically made by synchronizing existing footage from other sources, such as television series or movies, with the song. The first known fan video, or songvid, was created by Kandy Fong in 1975 using still images from Star Trek loaded into a slide carousel and played in conjunction with a song. Fan videos made using videocassette recorders soon followed. With the advent of easy distribution over the internet and cheap video-editing software, fan-created videos began to gain wider notice in the late 1990s.

Such videos are sometimes known as OPV, Original Promotional Videos (or sometimes Other People's Videos). In the case of anime music videos, the source material is drawn from Japanese anime or from American animation series. Since neither the music nor the film footage is typically licensed, distributing these videos is usually copyright infringement on both counts. A well-known example of an unofficial video include one made for Danger Mouse's illegal mash-up of the Jay-Z track "Encore" with music sampled from The Beatles' White Album, in which concert footage of The Beatles is remixed with footage of Jay-Z and rap dancers.

In 2007, a new form of lip sync-based music video called lip dub became popular in which a group of people are filmed lip singing in a seemingly random spot then dubbing over it in post editing with the original audio of the song. These videos have the feeling of being spontaneous and authentic and are spread through mass participatory video sites like YouTube. [1]

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Here are some other song tracks from 1950

Ames Brothers - Can Anyone Explain (No, No, No) - 1950 [3:11] - Can Anyone Explain (No, No, No)
Ames Brothers - Rag Mop -1950 [2:40] - They were swept into national top billing with their first
Ames Brothers - Sentimental Me - 1950 [3:16] - The Ames Brothers were a singing quartet from
Ames Brothers - Wrong Again - 1950 [2:32] - The Ames Brothers were the first artists to record
Amos Milburn - Bad Bad Whiskey - 1950 [3:09] - Joseph Amos Milburn, Jr. (April 1, 1927 – January
Anton Karas - Third Man Theme - 1950 [3:24] - Anton Karas (7 July 1906 – 10 January 1985) was a
Bing Crosby - (The Happy Tune) Sam's Song - 1950 [2:55] - Bing CrosbyCrosby on June 15,
Bing Crosby - Home On The Range - 1950 [3:33] - Home on the Range is the state song of Kansas.
Bing Crosby - Play A Simple Melody - 1950 [1:40] - The Fireside Theater (1950) was Crosbys first
Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys - Faded Love - 1950 [2:25] - James Robert Wills (March 6, 1905 –
Bob Wills And The Texas Playboys - Ida Red Likes The Boogie - 1950 [2:23] - In 1949, Bob Wills
Bud Messner - Slippin' Around With Jole Blon - 1950 [2:32] - Bud Messner got his start in radio
Buffalo Bob - Howdy Doody Time - 1950 [0:26] - The Howdy Doody Show was one of the first and by
Bugs Bunny - Hillbilly Hare Square Dance - 1950 [2:43] - Hillbilly Hare is a 1950 Merrie Melodies
Burl Ives - Ghost Riders In The Sky - 1950 [3:25] - This was a huge #1 hit for Vaughn Monroe in
Cactus Pryor - Cry Of A Dying Duck In A Thunder Storm - 1950 [2:46] - Richard Cactus Pryor
Chordettes - Drifting And Dreaming - 1950 [1:39] - The Chordettes were an American female popular
Clyde Moody - I Love You Because - 1950 [2:42] - Clyde Moody (September 19, 1915 – April 7,
Conway Twitty - Mona Lisa - 1950 [2:26] - Mona Lisa is a song written by Ray Evans and Jay
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Delmore Brothers - Blues Stay Away From Me - 1950 [3:05] - Alton Delmore (December 25, 1908 –
Delmore Brothers - Pan American Boogie - 1950 [2:59] - Alton Delmore (December 25, 1908 – June 8,
Doris Day - A Bushel And A Peck - 1950 [2:47] - A Bushel and a Peck is a popular song written by
Doris Day - You Are My Sunshine - 1950 [2:11] - Doris Day (with accompaniment from Gene Nelson)
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Eddy Arnold - Cuddle Buggin' Baby - 1950 [2:23] - Richard Edward Eddy Arnold (May 15, 1918 – May
Eddy Arnold - Four Walls - 1950 [3:09] - Richard Edward Eddy Arnold (May 15, 1918 – May 8, 2008)
Eddy Arnold - Little Angel With The Dirty Face - 1950 [3:11] - Richard Edward Eddy Arnold (May
Eddy Arnold - Take Me In Your Arms And Hold Me - 1950 [2:27] - Arnold was born on May 15, 1918 on
Eddy Arnold - There's No Wings On My Angel - 1950 [2:38] - Arnold ranked 22nd on Country Music
Eddy Arnold - Why Should I Cry Over You - 1950 [2:59] - Arnold was born on May 15, 1918 on a farm
Eileen Barton - If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked A Cake - 1950 [2:35] - If I Knew You Were
Elton Britt And Rosalie Allen - Beyond The Sunset - 1950 [2:35] - Elton Britt was born in
Elton Britt And Rosalie Allen - Quicksilver - 1950 [2:54] - Elton Britt (June 27, 1913–June 22,
Ernest Tubb - Driftwood On The River - 1950 [2:12] - Tubb joined the Grand Ole Opry in February
Ernest Tubb - Give Me A Little Old Fashioned Love - 1950 [3:06] - In 1949, Tubb helped the famed
Ernest Tubb - I Love You Because - 1950 [2:07] - I Love You Because is a 1949 song written and
Ernest Tubb - I'll Take A Back Seat For You - 1950 [2:35] - Ernest Tubb biggest career hit song,
Ernest Tubb - Letters Have No Arms - 1950 [3:09] - Tubb recorded duets with the then
Ernest Tubb - Throw Your Love My Way - 1950 [2:36] - In 1957, Ernest Tubb walked into the
Ernest Tubb And Red Foley - Hillbilly Fever - 1950 [2:46] - Hillbilly Fever No. 2 recorded by
Faron Young - Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy - 1950 [2:36] - Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy (also known
Five Blind Boys - Our Father - 1950 [2:56] - The Five Blind Boys of Mississippi was a post-war
Frankie Laine - Cry Of The Wild Goose - 1950 [2:39] - Frankie Laine (March 30, 1913 – February 6,
Frankie Yankovic And His Yanks - Hokey Pokey Polka - 1950 [3:00] - Frankie Yankovic seldom
Frederic Chopin - Valse Grande - 1950 [3:39] - A tour through Cades Cove and the Smoky Mountains
Gene Autry - Frosty The Snowman - 1950 [1:51] - Frosty the Snowman is a popular song written by
Gene Autry - Home On The Range - 1950 [2:42] - Home on the Range is the state song of Kansas. Dr.
Gene Krupa - Wire Brush Stomp - 1950 [3:00] - Eugene Bertram Gene Krupa (January 15, 1909 –
George Gershwin - Loreley On Rhine - 1950 [3:31] - German Folk Song. Also Lorelei is a song
Georgia Gibbs - Wallfower (Dance With Me Henry)- 1950 [2:14] - Georgia Gibbs (August 17, 1919 –
Golden Oldies - Medley 1950 - 1960 [8:19] - During the 1960s, Rydell had numerous hits on the
Gordon Jenkins - My Foolish Heart - 1950 [3:21] - My Foolish Heart written by Victor Young and
Guy Lombardo - Third Man Theme - 1950 [2:56] - Gaetano Alberto Guy Lombardo (June 19, 1902 –
Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians - Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think) - 1950 [3:17] -
Guy Mitchell - My Heart Cries For You - 1950 [2:47] - My Heart Cries for YouSingle by Guy
Hank Locklin - One Has My Name (the Other Has My Heart) - 1950 [2:20] - One Has My Name (The
Hank Penny - Bloodshot Eyes - 1950 [2:34] - Herbert Clayton Penny (September 18, 1918 – April 17,
Hank Snow - I'm Moving On - 1950 [2:29] - Snow moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1945, and Hank
Hank Snow, Willie Nelson - The Golden Rocket - 1950 [2:48] - The Golden Rocket is a 1950 single
Hank Williams - I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin' - 1950 [2:55] - Hank Williams (September
Hank Williams - Long Gone Lonesome Blues - 1950 [2:36] - Long Gone Lonesome Blues is 1950 song by
Hank Williams - Moanin' The Blues - 1950 [2:32] - Williams had 11 number one hits in his
Hank Williams - My Son Calls Another Man Daddy - 1950 [2:36] - During his last years Williamss
Hank Williams - They'll Never Take Her Love From Me - 1950 [2:43] - As a child, he was nicknamed
Hank Williams - Why Should We Try Any More - 1950 [3:03] - In July 1937 the Williams and McNeil
Hank Williams And The Drifting Cowboys - Nobody's Lonesome For Me - 1950 [2:32] -
Hugo Winterhalter - Mr. Touchdown, U.S.A. - 1950 [4:15] - Hugo Winterhalter (August 15, 1909 –
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra - Johnson Rag - 1950 [2:52] - James Jimmy Dorsey (February 29,
Jimmy Wakely And Margaret Whiting - The Gods Were Angry With Me - 1950 [2:23] -
Johann Strauss - Blue Danube Waltz - 1950 [10:04] - The Vienna Philharmonic Women´s Orchestra
Johnnie Lee Wills And All His Boys - Rag Mop - 1950 [2:50] - Rag Mop was a popular American song
Johnny Bond - Love Song In 32 Bars - 1950 [1:49] - Cyrus Whitfield Bond (June 1, 1915 – June 12,
Joni James - Sentimental Me - 1950 [2:36] - Sentimental Me was written by James T. Morehead and
Kay Starr - Bonaparte's Retreat - 1950 [1:30] - Kay Starr (born July 21, 1922) is an American pop
Kay Starr - MISSISSIPPI - 1950 [2:31] - Kay Starr (born July 21, 1922) is an American pop and
Kay Starr - Oh, Babe - 1950 [2:26] - Kay Starr (born July 21, 1922) is an American pop and jazz
Kay Starr And Tennessee Ernie Ford - Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own - 1950 [2:36] -
Kenny Roberts - Choc'late Ice Cream Cone - 1950 [2:31] - Kenny Roberts (October 14, 1926 – April
Kitty Kallen - Juke Box Annie - 1950 [2:54] - Kitty Kallen (born Katherine Kalinsky, May 25,
Leon Payne - I Love You Because - 1950 [2:46] - I Love You Because is a 1949 song written and
Les Paul - Nola - 1950 [2:39] - Lester William Polsfuss (June 9, 1915 – August 12, 2009), known
Linkin Park's - In The End - 1950 [6:56] - Linkin Parks In The End is a lovely easy listening
Little Jimmy Dickens - Hillbilly Fever - 1950 [1:21] - James Cecil Dickens (born December 19,
Little Jimmy Dickens - John Henry - 1950 [1:49] - Dickens recorded many novelty songs for
Little Jimmy Dickens - Sleeping At The Foot Of The Bed - 1950 [2:13] - Born in Bolt, West
Louis Armstrong - La Vie En Rose - 1950 [3:26] - Louis Armstrong (August 4, 1901 – July 6,
Margaret Whiting And Jimmy Wakely - A Bushel And A Peck - 1950 [2:11] - A Bushel and a Peck is a
Margaret Whiting And Jimmy Wakely - Broken Down Merry Go Round - 1950 [2:33] - Margaret Eleanor
Merv Griffin - I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts - 1950 [2:33] - Ive Got a Lovely Bunch of
Mills Brothers - Daddy's Little Girl - 1950 [3:16] - Daddys Little Girl is a classic song
Mills Brothers - Nevertheless I'm In Love With You - 1950 [2:47] - The Mills Brothers, sometimes
Moon Mullican - Goodnight Irene - 1950 [2:49] - Goodnight, Irene or Irene, Goodnight, is a 20th
Moon Mullican - I'll Sail My Ship Alone - 1950 [5:32] - Ill Sail My Ship Alone is a 1950 song
Nat King Cole - Mona Lisa - 1950 [1:57] - Mona Lisa is a popular song written by Ray Evans and
Owen Bradley Quintet - Blues, Stay Away From Me - 1950 [3:15] - Owen Bradley (October 21, 1915 –
Pat Boone - Love Letters In The Sand - 1950 [2:25] - Love Letters in the Sand is a popular song
Patti Page - All My Love - 1950 [2:17] - Patti hosted her music variety show on CBS-TV in 1957
Patti Page - I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine - 1950 [2:43] - I Dont Care If The Sun Dont
Patti Page - No One To Cry To - 1950 [2:03] - Clara Ann Fowler (born November 8, 1927), known by
Patti Page - The Tennessee Waltz - 1950 [2:22] - Clara Ann Fowler (born November 8, 1927), known
Patti Page - With My Eyes Wide Open - 1950 [3:20] - With My Eyes Wide Open, Im Dreaming is a
Percy Faith - All My Love - 1950 [3:12] - Percy Faith 's All My Love ranked US # 7, in
Percy Faith - I Cross My Fingers - 1950 [2:53] - Percy Faith (April 7, 1908 -- February 9, 1976)
Perry Como - Hoop Dee Doo - 1950 [2:55] - Hoop-Dee-Doo is a popular song published in 1950 with
Phil Harris - That's What I Like About The South - 1950 [2:46] - Phil Harris was born in Linton,
Phil Harris - The Thing - 1950 [2:15] - Phil Harris (born Wonga Philip Harris; June 24, 1904 –
Playmates - One Little Kiss - 1950 [2:17] - The Playmates were a late 1950s vocal group, led by
Playmates- When The Record Goes Around - 1950 [2:10] - Signed to Morris Levys Roulette Records in
Professor Longhair - Mardi Gras In New Orleans - 1950 [2:45] - Professor Longhair (December 19,
Red Foley - Birmingham Bounce - 1950 [3:00] - Birmingham Bounce is a 1950s song written by
Red Foley - Choc'late Ice Cream Cone - 1950 [2:02] - Foley was one of the biggest stars of the
Red Foley - Cincinatti Dancing Pig - 1950 [2:48] - Clyde Julian Foley (June 17, 1910 – September
Red Foley - Cincinnati Dancing Pig -1950 [2:48] - Clyde Julian Foley (June 17, 1910 – September
Red Foley - Just A Closer Walk With Thee - 1950 [2:59] - Just a Closer Walk with Thee is a
Red Foley - Mississippi - 1950 [2:31] - The song M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I was written by Ben Ryan
Red Foley - Steal Away - 1950 [3:14] - Steal Away (Steal Away To Jesus) is an American Negro
Red Foley - Sugarfoot Rag - 1950 [2:30] - Sugar-Foot Rag is the title of a song written by Hank
Red Foley And Ernest Tubb - Goodnight Irene - 1950 [3:01] - Goodnight, Irene or Irene, Goodnight,
Richard Himber - It Isn't Fair - 1950 [3:14] - It Isnt Fair had served as theme for the band of
Roy Rogers - Stampede - 1950 [2:16] - Roy Rogers, born Leonard Franklin Slye (November 5, 1911 –
Roy Rogers,Dale Evans - Happy Trails To You - 1950 [0:36] - Happy Trails, by Dale Evans Rogers,
Song Player - Watch Listen Nastalgia Videos Downloads - 1950 [2:31] - (Playing El Condor
Stuart Hamblen - (Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You - 1950 [2:50] - Stuart Hamblen (October
Tanya Lubimenko - O Moon I'm Your Bright Star - 1950 [3:05] - Ukrainian Folk Song. Opera singer
Tennessee Ernie Ford - Milk 'em In The Morning Blues - 1950 [2:23] - He became a household name
Tennessee Ernie Ford - The Cry Of The Wild Goose - 1950 [3:13] - Ford eventually ended his KXLA
Tennessee Ernie Ford And Kay Starr - I'll Never Be Free - 1950 [2:36] - Ernest Jennings Ford
Teresa Brewer - Music Music Music - 1950 [2:02] - The biggest-selling version of the song was
Tex Ritter - Daddy's Last Letter - 1950 [3:21] - Woodward Maurice Ritter (January 12, 1905 –
Timeless - Dance Of The Zaporozhian - 1950 [5:51] - Ukrainian Cossacks: Cossacks (Ukrainian:
Timeless - Helena Polka - 1950 [1:22] - There are a number of unique festivals, street parties
Timeless - Marusya - 1950 [2:08] - Ukrainian Folk Song. Click here for more Ukrainian MusicMaria
Timeless - Peter Cottontail - 1950 [1:39] - Here Comes Peter Cottontail is a popular Easter song
Timeless - Police On Motorcycles - 1950 [1:12] - The Italian Police motorcycle squad in Rome
Tony Martin - There's No Tomorrow - 1950 [3:11] - Theres No Tomorrow, written by Al Hoffman, Leo
Treniers - Rag Mop - 1950 [2:24] - The Treniers were an American musical group led by identical
Vic Damone - Vagabond Shoes - 1950 [2:42] - Vagabond Shoes charted number 17 on the music charts
Victor Young - Mona Lisa - 1950 [2:44] - Mona Lisa is a song written by Ray Evans and Jay
Vocaleers - I Need Your Love So Bad - 1950 [2:23] - The original members of this vocal group from
Watch Free Legal Music Videos - Maverick Theme - 1950 [1:11] - Maverick was played by James
Weavers - Tzena, Tzena, Tzena - 1950 [2:44] - Tzena, Tzena, Tzena is a song, originally written
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Turkish March - 1950 [2:21] - Ludwig van Beethovens Turkish March
Women Country Singers - Top Country Songs - 1950 [7:17] - See if you recognize these female
Your Hit Parade - Top 10 Songs In - 1950 [4:15] - Song credits: Sammy Kaye, Don Cornell, Red
Ziggy Talent - Please Say Goodnight To The Guy, Irene - 1950 [2:23] - Goodnight, Irene or Irene,

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